Friday, January 25, 2008

Basketball, Skiing, and Walking

My husband hammered out the new dents in the scooter basket yesterday. My kids have been playing paper basketball with the basket. I wonder how many parents would chide their kids if they tried to do that with me. Fun is fine, so long as it's with permission and no one gets hurt. Certainly paper is not a problem.

I saw a sit-down ski in person today--really cool. Maybe someday I'll try one. I also saw racing wheelchairs today. They're barely more than two wheels with a sling in the middle to serve as a seat. The seat is almost on the ground, and they're small; they look like bicycle tires strung together with a bit of cloth.

I've had this long habit of walking around on the phone when I talk, a habit my kids also picked up as toddlers. A lot of it is because our dog acts like a small child when anyone gets on the phone: insideoutside insideoutside insideoutside shesstilltalking, and some of it is an attempt to avoid noise while at the same time monitoring the people causing the noise. So I circle away and back, away and back, sometimes even when my back hurts, though not for long these days and often not at all. Without thinking, I ended up on the scooter circling around my house while I was on the phone with a friend Wednesday. Didn't think I'd do that, but it came naturally. I missed it.

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