Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interesting factoids/stress relief

I found out that the restroom doors at work weigh 160 lbs each (floor to high ceiling)! The maintenance manager said he couldn't even open one of them, though the women have been. He hadn't tried it before. Whoever constructed the building had a really convoluted architectural vision. The hallways are confusing, Escheresque, and have been known to leave new people (well, me once, but others too) in tears. The bizarre pre-ADA flooring is bumpy, loud, echoes, and creates problems for people moving chairs or equipment.

Just found out I am relieved from one responsibility tomorrow, huge relief. Not a huge responsibility for most people, but an issue in terms of transportation, timing, pain, and two deadlines I'm trying to meet. Plus it's difficult for me to get out of the house twice in a day, especially when one of those errands is two hours of PT; easier to combine errands and trips. Whew. Breath coming back.

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