Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK and Disability as a Civil Right

Happy Martin Luther King Day! It's beautiful how much closer we are to King's dream, though racist events nationally and locally still remind me how far we still have to go.

We also have a long way to go to achieve disability rights. Dave Hingsburger's posts last week on the death of Brent Martin, a young man with an intellectual disability savagely killed because of that disability, reminds me of the deaths of Emmet Till, a young man savagely killed because of his race, and Matthew Shephard, a young man savagely killed because of his sexual orientation. Hingsburger's posts don't have individual links, but look for January 11 on. Hingsburger himself reports being harassed outside a grocery store, and any of us with disabilities knows the verbal taunts that come way too often, often from people who don't even recognize that there is a disability, but who see that there's something different. And different isn't okay with them.

No one deserves to be harassed, harmed, killed, or even frowned upon because of race, economic class, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or any other number of categories we arbitrarily place people into. May we get closer each day to achieving King's dream.

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Jodi said...

It was good to read through MLK's speech today and think about the world that he envisioned.