Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Scooters and Prescription Drugs

I'm so exasperated by lift/car/scooter incompatabilities right now, as well as with scooter issues, that I'll have to blog more about it later. I can't have my husband trailing me everywhere I need to go the next few weeks and so can't use the scooter much until we get the transportation issues figured out. My daughter's been a little withdrawn about the scooter, but I let her and my son ride around on it in the house yesterday and rode it around the house myself, trying to figure out how to get exactly parallel to tables and cabinets. She thought riding on it was fun, so seems happier about me using it. I think she's worried about further health decline although I keep pointing out how I can get out more (pending transport issues).

In the meantime, ever tried to quit all your prescriptions at once? Horrified that I've gone from no medicine ten years ago to three or four drugs as a daily minimum, and sometimes several more, I tried to quit mine cold turkey. I recognized that one drug is driving up my heart rate, then I have to take heart medicine that works by slowing my metabolism, then I gain weight and am starting to have issues with blood sugar. I have stomach problems from NSAIDs, then have to take double doses of antacids and antibiotics. Half my hair has fallen out, which can be a side effect of most of these drugs. I have been through five rounds of antibiotics recently and still have problems from that. I don't make tears or saliva anymore, either, and take eyedrops and supplements for that, too.

So I tried to quit all of them at 8:30 a.m. last Saturday, but was on all of them by 12:30 p.m. when the rapid pulse kicked back in, I couldn't breathe well, etc. Good grief, I hate this dependence. I want healthy foods to cure everything for me.

I keep being told that I need to take even more meds, meds to help my back, my bones, my heavy bleeding. And more NSAIDS/antiinflammatories/other pain meds to stop inflammation and pain so I can do more. And all those would lead to even more side effects, I recognize. My doctors also want me on an immunosuppresant or on methotrexate, which have ghastly side effects. Honestly, my disability/disabilities, even though increasing, seem far better than the effects of these meds. Then again, I saw a video of someone with my disability for the first time recently and was a bit concerned.

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