Friday, February 29, 2008

The Good, the Bad, the Good

I was surprised and delighted today to peek at the Temple University disability page today and find someone else was writing about guerrilla bathroom construction at the Disability Blog Carnival hosted by Shiloh--and found out, wait!--that was me! I didn't feel I was creative enough to write to the prompt this month, though I couldn't wait to see what emerged. Turns out one of my posts fit the theme better than I thought. Thanks so much, Shiloh, for including me.

Do you remember in 1984 how Big Brother managed to tap into the protagonist's worst fears and then make them manifest? Well, sometimes not knowing might be healthier. I looked up more information about the epidural on the surgeon's webpage, and more information about the surgery, too. It does, in fact, require one of those neck collars. I already hate turtlenecks, I don't often wear necklaces because they get too heavy, and though I don't like my joints to get cold, I overheat. I'm starting to sweat already thinking about this. My hair is falling out from stress or pain again. I'm going to look like Michelle Pfeiffer in that Stardust movie if this doesn't stop. And if people didn't already think I'm an attention whore, they will if I wear that. I remember one woman saying, "Why does she always have to be so dramatic?" when I needed to sit in a chair. Of course she might not have realized that I was terribly embarrassed to ask in the first place.

I received a phone call today about a potential opportunity that makes me very happy--the possibility makes me very happy, whether or not it coalesces, as very much hoped. And I got out for a while and spent some time doing something meaningful. Back to lying down again. Doesn't take much to make me happy.

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