Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I really will stop talking about myself...

...and get back to regularly scheduled postings about general disability issues soon.

Spine doctor disagrees with urologist, is concerned that my problems do come from spine, possibly brain. Wanted to do brain MRI at same time as spine MRI repeats, but he's afraid insurance co. will balk and won't pay, so spine MRI first. Then maybe brain MRI, nerve studies on arms (only had legs before). Asked about vision problems--check. Numbness in arms--check. Pressing on disc in neck hurts--check. Possible surgery--check.

I don't want to tell anyone in real life but hubby and maybe a close friend or two about this yet because I don't want to yack about it, get people all concerned, and then have it be nothing and have stressed people unnecessarily. I have lots of medical tests all the time, most show nothing or no change and are done to exclude problems. But I feel stressed. I don't even want to let my other doctors know right now, even though we're in contact by email or phone.

Good news is the spine doctor reminded me that I had a pelvic MRI done last fall and there were no masses there that would cause bladder problems. You forget about all the tests when there are this many, especially since that was for orthopedic problems.

Had to go off Detrol, couldn't pee because of it.

Back to working, couldn't focus.


Anonymous said...
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FridaWrites said...

Red Racer, sorry, I published your comment before reading it fully--I can't edit the comments to remove your email unless there is some superfancy function I don't know about yet, so I had to delete it. Sincere apologies!

I have arthritis in addition to other orthopedic/genetic issues--I'd forgotten basilar invagination was possible with one of those as well; I'll mention to the radiologist. Many thanks.