Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Important legislation on wheelchairs and scooters

This weekend I posted about Medicare limiting access to mobility equipment (click here).

Let your representative and senator know that you would like them to support HR 1809/S 2103, which will allow people to receive wheelchairs and scooters when they need them to leave home. Strongly consider asking the bill's sponsors, as well as your representative and senator, to add insurance companies to this requirement since insurance companies now use the Medicare guidelines.

The United Spinal Association has issued a press release giving information about this important issue; as they say, "as a result of [the current] rule, many Medicare beneficiaries, young and older, are prisoners in their own homes. If the individual needs a wheelchair or scooter primarily to move around the community, it will be denied." Insurance companies have adopted the same stance, which denies employment, education, access to medical care, and participation in life activities to many people with disabilities.

And remind your represenative/senator about the ADA Restoration Act while you're at it.

Sorry for the flurry of posts; more pain=less concentration on regular daily tasks.

NOTE: Letters to senators/representatives are most quickly handled by fax or electronically; paper submissions by postal mail are often not be received for a while for security reasons.

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