Saturday, February 16, 2008

In the bleak midwinter

With a highly contagious stomach virus, a respiratory infection, and the flu decimating the local school, one-third of my daughter's fourth grade class was absent yesterday (ten kids went home during school). In one class, two-thirds of the students were absent. I don't have the statistics for second grade, but there are so many teachers and regular substitutes sick that the school couldn't get a substitute for my son's class yesterday. And this in a school where typically a huge number of kids get perfect attendance for the whole year.

Even during the Valentine's party Thursday, the custodian kept getting summoned for clean-ups, and not for spilled juice.

My son caught the stomach virus last weekend, but no one else in the family has had it. Kids have Respiratory Infection #1 now. I'm really into frequent handwashing right now.

Looks like a cold winter day indoors.

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