Friday, February 1, 2008

In honor of the administrators...

Via Twinkle Little Star, two YouTube videos demonstrating what disablism is like:

...I dedicate this post to those who think the changes at VBW are just for me and that I'm somehow cheating them, not realizing that others have made these requests for many years and will benefit from them, as will future visitors and employees. VBW knowingly violates ADA laws for building codes that are easily remedied and that have an impact on whether many people can get into a space or use it. Nevermind new and expensive modifications for administrators' convenience and the exorbitantly priced new furniture for some of them. I was readily offered a large some of money toward nonessential needs of an organization I was in last fall (which I turned down), but administrators have been claiming there have been no funds for ADA changes that multiple people have requested? That was several thousand dollars right there from a general fund. Odd that our building was the only one without an accessible restroom, though now it's still without an accessible men's room. A unisex restroom would be fine with me for accessibility.

People with frail health ranging from osteoporosis to heart conditions to fragility from chemo (like my husband's coworker) have difficulties when building codes aren't in compliance. The rules are there for a reason. I've read that from 1 out of 7 to 1 out of 5 people have a disability and 1 out of 2 people have a chronic health condition. Severe health issues will affect us or someone we love at some point in our lives; funny how so many people don't get it until it hits their family or themselves.

For your convenience, ADA building codes:

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