Tuesday, February 5, 2008

...in which Frida's privates are invaded

Skip this post if you don't want medical/urology details.

Went to the gyn for the urodynamics today, which, yes, was no fun. It empties fine and things are functional. But. What I didn't tell them is that I finished the water 30 minutes in advance and not an hour in advance because I know what my bladder can('t) hold. Proven I was right in this regard, becasue my bladder pressure is off the charts high. The doctor thought there was something wrong with the catheters, so redid the test with larger catheter. Why is it that things always go wrong with previously traumatized people? Same reading with the second catheter, doctor was in disbelief at how high it is. No wonder I go to the restroom so often.

So--apparently something is pressing on my bladder, either from within the bladder or outside of it, which doesn't sound good (hysterectomy mentioned again). The next stage in the steps of exclusionary diagnostics is cystoscopy with an even larger catheter and possibly dilatation, which she said given this level of pressure and the pain that results, should probably be done under twilight sleep. More missed work time, and twilight sleep and I don't get along. More on that sometime.

What the doctor anticipated was the exact opposite, that my bladder wasn't working and was retaining fluid/getting leaky because of neurological problems and the spine problems. It's still possible it's the spine being pressed on, but less likely. We may get to that eventually depending on how different tests go.

Wavering between thank-goodness-this-is-over, and I-may-have-more-to-worry-about, at least the more invasive test/dilatation roter-rooting. Remembered to take Azo with me to reduce the stinging because it hurts to pee.

Dr. said one thing that's for certain is that I'm completely unique; she never finds an expected outcome with me. My body has its own instruction manual somewhere, but I can't find it.

I hate medical procedures. I really hate them. I'm a nervous, scared, tense patient. And I don't like the urologist I'll have to go to, though apparently most of them don't have great personalities. This really sucks. My legs were so shaky when I left. Thank goodness for the trusty scooter.

One bit of fun: I heard the doctor tell the nurse, so is she going to take her shirt off? What I didn't know is that the nurse was decorating my scooter with Mardi Gras beads while I was changing, and another patient had made a joke about Mardi Gras beads and BSE (breast self exam) earlier in the day. My scooter is bright and colorful now. And now I'll know if anyone I know reads here.


Elizabeth McClung said...

OW! Sorry, but if when you go to the urologist they put in a cathater and then decide, hey let's put in a BIGGER cathater, I would be screaming before they even got towards me (God, why oh why did you put nerve endings in there?). Actually, I am going to mention your test to a friend of mine who pees about every 40 minutes, and did the "is it getting empty test" but not that one. So maybe your pain is (maybe) your gain and someone elses too.

FridaWrites said...

Yes, just don't tell him about what can go wrong. It wasn't as bad as I expected the first time through, except really, really needing to go when I first arrived.

I had the empty test, too, but it was, like your friend's, empty. That's a good thing, shows the bladder is functional. This test shows a lot more information.