Friday, February 29, 2008


My first thought this morning was, "Maybe the doctor saying 'I wouldn't wait that long' is not a good sign." But we do have to wait since we have to figure out the prednisone allergy now since that's what they typically inject. Calls to the allergist, possible load testing (they see how much you can take before you react), don't know if all that can be done very fast. The irony of being right about wacky fears. Arm hurts, leg hurts, neck hurts. All of that's okay, it just makes me panicky that things will get worse in the interim, and since my fears sometimes pan out, I better stop thinking about it. New superstition: if it's not a phobia, it won't happen to me. I want out all day, but I think I should try to let things calm down some.

In other news, my husband said he missed more layoffs yesterday, thank goodness, for multiple reasons. I can't imagine doing this without insurance, and I'm not sure I could switch to my employer's in time.

The kiddo gets to race his Pinewood Derby car at Scouts tonight. His car is superfast and a sleek yellow. He's worked on it off and on for six weeks or so, and he won district last year. My husband also built his own car--some of the dads are going to race their own against one another.

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