Friday, February 22, 2008

Medical Mystery, A Board Game, First Round

I envision this game working like Trivial Pursuit, except every so often you could lose your pie wedge because of new symptoms. Alternatively, there could be a Cranium version in which you have to act out the illness, spell complicated medical terms, or figure out the name of an illness from jumbled letters.

Unfortunately, the web only allows for 2-dimensional fun, but here goes. Those of you who listen to other people's medical problems will do particularly well.
1. Your friend has numbness and pain in his fingertips and the backs of his legs. What specialist should he see, and what tests should be run?

2. Name three kinds of radioactive contrast dye (no googling).

3. Patient A is a middle-aged female who has lost much of her hair and has fatigue and odd rashes. What is your hypothesis?

4. Your alkaline phosphatase is elevated. What labwork will the doctor order next?

5. Male patient's breasts leak milk. What are the two primary possibilities?

Bonus: Spell diverticulitis backwards without looking at the word or going back to correct your answer. (This is the honor system, people.)

Superbonus: You are awarded a gold star to put on your wedge each time a medical professional asks if you have a nursing degree. You get an extra wedge each time a staff member thinks you're a doctor because you're in the building so much.

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