Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More violence against people with disabilities...

...this time by law enforcement. A reader here pointed out in a comment that a man with a spinal cord injury was dumped out of his wheelchair by sheriffs in Florida. The force with which he is dumped from the wheelchair could have caused major injury. See the video at

While hate crimes perpetuated against people of most groups historically discriminated against are increasingly prosecuted, violence against people with disabilities continues and is often not taken as seriously. Consider, for example, Dave Hingsburger's posts on Brent Martin, a young man who was tortured and killed because he was disabled. What sticks in my mind is one of the defendant's statements: "I'm not going down for a muppet." Not guilt, not remorse, but self-righteousness.

Blog[with]tv has recently blogged about the violence issue, telling readers about a new Hate Crimes Dossier in the U.K. that lists crimes of violence against people with disabilities. We need something similar in the U.S., but my own learning curve is too slow/pain and time constraints too high for me to tackle that, at least for now.

(I see that Stephen Kuusisto has blogged about the Florida incident, too, with more detail and better blogging than I can muster today. Visit for more information about this case.)

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