Saturday, February 2, 2008

Question, Supracor cushions

Anyone who's reading tried Supracor seating/cushions? Is it like memory foam (way uncomfortable for me), or does it offer more support?

Good news: we can pay for the better scooter lift with the $1000 rebate for disability modification and the taxes we'll receive back from the minivan. Useful information we didn't know: vehicle purchases are tax free with medical disability and when lifts are installed. Wish we'd known about that a few years ago! I'm not sure I could use the cheaper lift over the long term because I have difficulty bending/squatting (to attach the lift to the seatpost) and sometimes almost fall over if I have to pick something up and there's no wall support nearby. In December, I had to put my hands on the ground to keep from tipping over when I dropped something in a parking lot and in a Starbuck's--embarrassing.

I'll be glad to get the lift because I can get out on my own more without requiring my husband to make trips (saving gas money and the environment, and his time, which is valuable too). It will give him independence as well as me. My other secret reason for being glad is that it occurred to him his new back pain may be from lifting my scooter all the time without disassembling it. He is strong, but it can't be good to do that. I keep telling him if he injures his back, then we're really going to have problems. You don't get a second chance with that. I'll just tell him I need lots of practice driving the scooter on the lift and that I like to do it myself.

Still praying to get that Amigo scooter soon. Please, God, please. This one hurts. My legs are long, too long for this one. And the tiller's too short. And, and, and.

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