Thursday, February 7, 2008

Static electricity and rubber wheels

Every time I touch a metal door handle after riding around in the scooter, I shock myself from static electricity. The more I'm out (or if someone's been holding doors for me), the stronger the shock. The wheels on the scooter are rubber. Friction + rubber + dry winter air=static electricity.

Anyone come across any solutions to this problem? I keep thinking if I keep riding round and round the building before touching door openers or handles that I'm going to spontaneously combust...


Unknown said...

I have been using a product called StaticOff which I ordered of a TV commercial. The website for more information is

FridaWrites said...

Thanks, Peter!

Shalom said...

Hi Frida,

I found your blog searching Google for the name of my company.

My name is Shalom and I am the inventor and owner of StaticOff, the product that Peter discussed.

If you have any question about the product, or the problem, you can e-mail me at, and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

And don't worry about spontaneous combustion. It doesn't happen.

Well, in reality, you should also know that the total amount of energy you collect is still very small. It is the speed of discharge that hurts. But every time you are hit by that spark you are indeed hit by a lightning... And it is annoying.

While it will not work on EVERY door, if you place Staticoff outside the door and touch it before you touch the door it will work.