Friday, February 15, 2008

Tag, You're It

(Anyone who is reading is welcome to post what they're reading.)

I've been tagged by Connie at Planet of the Blind (I love Connie's and Stephen's whimsical sense of humor) and am tagging 5 people in turn. I quickly see that I need to expand my very short blogroll, so feel to join in and consider yourself surrogate tagged (or something) if I haven't tagged you.

The instructions:
-look up page 123 in the nearest book
-look for the fifth sentence
-then post the three sentences that follow that fifth sentence on page 123
(Note to hubby: not that one! put that book down!)

My answers:
"That was a statement," he said snidely. "We need to be more aggressive with the Pitocin."
Sarah retorts, a little edgily, "What do you want us to do differently?"
From Catherine Taylor's Giving Birth, recounting an incident with a "bullying" physician who demands that a midwife give a patient more interventions during her birth.

A book that's physically closer to me but more difficult to reach (it's behind me):
"It will be about monomania and the fish-eat-fish world of life insurance in Rochester, New York. The first line will be 'Call me Fishmeal,' and it will feature a menopausal suburban husband named Richard, who because he is so depressed all the time is called "Mopey Dick" by his witty wife Elaine. Say to your roommate: 'Mopey Dick, get it?'"
From Lorrie Moore's Self Help.

I'm tagging Dave, Elizabeth, BadgerBag, Goldfish, and Wheelchair Dancer (who's out of town), if you're not bogged down.

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