Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tao and disability

With disability, you learn to live with paradox and contradiction,
-saying you're fine and meaning it when you're the sickest you've ever been
-finding the joy in the relief of one pain, as other pains increase
-feeling active while doing less
-finding that you can live with paradox while searching for clarity
-learning you can still love people even as they harm you or judge you or hate you
-knowing that silence can be a form of resistance
-knowing that more direct resistance can be instructive
-discovering that disobedience really can be civil and purposeful
-tolerating what's imperfect and finding the good that's in it
-accepting change without yielding to it
-finding that the logical can be found within the illogical
-trusting when you have lost all trust
-having faith in God when you're sure there is no God
-hoping when you know what comes next

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