Monday, February 4, 2008

Two owls

Last night at midnight, a pair of owls sat silhouetted on the neighbors' roof, hooting. It's surprising they didn't wake the neighborhood. I haven't heard one since this summer while hiking, and I haven't heard one here since last year. It makes me miss the mountains, nature. I also saw a bald eagle in a tree branch on the lake late Saturday; the newspaper reported last year that they have been sighted in this area. It's a rarity for us to see wildlife here, except hawks and a couple of times, coyotes.

Looking up animal totems from curiosity in a couple of places, owls are associated with perception and omens, eagles with sight and intuition. The more likely reason for the owls' appearance is more clearing of trees just west of the nature area near us for housing and commercial development. I'm not sure why eagles are settling here; the only other place I've seen a bald eagle is Yellowstone, though I've seen golden eagles elsewhere.

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