Friday, February 15, 2008

World enough and time (or fear postponed)

Cystoscopy postponed for a month due to raging infection; urologist says everything would look inflamed and require an additional follow-up anyway. Of course that doesn't get at the potential mass issue. In the meantime, she's putting me on Detrol to lower pressures for the next month. Bad news is they may have to redo the let's-see-if-my-bladder-will-explode test at some point since she does it differently. She said she doesn't think the current issue is spine, didn't answer about neurological.

TheurologisttalkssofastsoshecanseesomanypatientsperhourthatmyhusbandandIbetweenusthinkwe mayhaveunderstoodmostofit. I'm surprised since she saw me so briefly two times a year and a half ago that she remembers me sinceshe'sinandoutsofast, but she does. Apparently my dislike of Medical Procedures That Make People Squirm made me memorable since she referred to that. AtleastIknowshe'llbequick when she does the cystoscopy.

I see the rheumatologist this afternoon and the spine doctor Wednesday, and if they feel anything is more urgent, we can negotiate for an earlier time. Someone asked recently how many specialists I have. I try not to think about it, and most I don't see unless there's something new. In the meantime, I am pushing all of this to the back of my mind unless something changes.

I wish I had world enough and time for more in-depth blogging on some of the topics I've covered. There's a list on my computer of topics I want to tackle. My blog says it covers gender and writing, but hasn't yet. So many topics, so little time.

Got heckled by second-graders in the hallway at the kids' school yesterday, so I guess the unit on disability issues really clicked. I just roll my eyes right now, doesn't bother me, but scary to think what could happen when some of these people are young adults.

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