Friday, March 14, 2008

Cystoscopy okay

The cystoscopy went fine today. Everything totally normal. Intense pain despite anesthetic, but very brief. I took Azo-standard after since the pain/cramping afterwards was intense in a different way. That's taken care of it. The doctor tried to distract me by asking about my job during the procedure, but I really couldn't talk very well. Grunted out something that she may have been able to understand, or not.

Spine/head still hurts, but stopped peeing at random except for immediately after epidural. Urologist agrees it's a spinal issue now. She slowed down a lot today, which is good since I have a hard time thinking as fast as she does right now. And she repeated herself, which is good since right now I'm forgetty. I think I've concluded she is a lot more personable than I initially thought--she's just sometimes thinking ahead to next steps without breaking the info down.

I almost got out of the cysto today because she was sure it was the spine issues after hearing about it and she forgot she hadn't done it last time. But hubby had to go and remind her. I'm sure it's better to be on the safe side, though, and some peace of mind.

More intelligent blogging will still have to wait. Drugs not cutting pain level enough. Just glad that I don't have a separate bladder issue to deal with.

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