Monday, March 24, 2008

Disability Parking, Surgery, Etc.

You know, unless I'm really missing something, someone who can stand up for a few hours at a time and jog for an hour at a time doesn't really need a disability placard for parking. I try to remain open minded about all the people who get around so much better than I do since I know several people with significant invisible disabilities that impair heart and respiratory function or mobility, but there's a limit...

What is irritating me is all the disabled people who park on the zebra stripes/ramps/access aisles so that other PWDs who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, or canes can't get into their car or into buildings. It happens all the time. I'd like to see something about disabilities put into drivers' handbooks so that at least the newest generation of drivers begins to learn what happens if they park against the access ramp into a building or park in a disabled spot for "just a moment" (the place looks full, so disabled person has to go elsewhere). Short of throwing myself on the hood of someone's car, which is really a terrible idea, I'm not sure what to do.

On the surgery issue: now I have to see a neurologist first before the spine surgeon will put me under anesthesia, though the MRI looks okay. I'm not sure what he's concerned about other than the aphasia, which since the MRI is clear, shouldn't produce a problem during surgery. The good news is that the recovery time will be shorter than I anticipated (can work in about a week, will have to wear the collar/brace). He's not concerned about postponing (was not showing Hoffman's today, though still feel weakness).

The decision I have to make is whether to use donor bone or have some grafted from my hip. My bone is very weak and I hate to predispose my hips to fracture since I've already fractured one, so donor bone seems the logical choice. Still, I worry about something being missed during screening. Donor bone means from an organ donor; what a gift for someone to give.

My internist seems a little worried and is urging me to seek multiple opinions, though he referred me to this surgeon in the first place. I have really limited time.


Wheelchair Dancer said...

good luck with your decisions. these don't look like easy options.


FridaWrites said...

Thanks so much, WCD.