Saturday, March 22, 2008

Frida 6, MRI Machine 0

I was too tired to be freaked out about the machine much this time. This time they remembered to tell me that there is a rubber catheter in my arm and they pull out the needle in the iv so that I don't need to worry when my elbow is bent that the vein is going to get punctured through (on MRI #4, they didn't tell me this, and the sharp vein pain started me worrying since they positioned me with my elbow bent and there was an iv in there). I couldn't relax my shoulder enough initially to get it flat on the table (spasm from C5-C6), and so I had to hold it that way for another 30 minutes since you're not supposed to move. They injected the gadolinium very slowly (over several minutes rather than a few seconds) so that the room didn't swim on me/I didn't get seasick this time. One of the techs had made these really cute Easter cupcakes for her coworkers--little Easter baskets with green icing for grass, jelly beans for eggs, and licorice basket handles.

Since I realize I'll need surgery, I've been doing too much housework and other projects--huge to do list--to make my life and others' lives easier while I'm recuperating. I'm doing what I can while I can, even though I can't do much and I really overdid it. Plenty of time to rest soon, though.

But starting out, everyone will have clean sheets and clean rooms and be able to find whatever they need. My filing is almost complete so that my husband or others can hand me the papers I need. The bathrooms and kitchen are immaculate and everything's picked up and maintainable between now and surgery. Lots of paperwork done, and couldn't sleep at 4:30 from pain, so I made a huge list of people I need to contact at work and among volunteers to delegate/instruct, as well as appointments that need to be cancelled or rescheduled. And trying to get all the work done I can so that someone else can take over the parts of my projects that I won't be able to do with ease. I am even preparing follow-up emails for friends and family so that my husband can fill in a few sentences and let people know how I am afterwards. I need to order a few extra presents for people's birthdays and for kids' birthday parties to have on hand, and make a list of dry goods that we're not stocked up on so my husband can get those in the next few days.

Since I am good at delegating, the ceiling fan blades will be clean, the dog will be washed and have trimmed nails, and the curtains in my bedroom will be washed. I will maintain the illusion of control over my life. And having an ordered, nice looking home makes me feel better. My daughter has a new wallet and new socks. The kids are stocked up on summer clothes (except swimsuits, shoes since they grow so fast, and short pjs). We have new kitchen towels and new bathroom hand towels, which needed replacing. The kids have the new sunglasses they needed. I am reorganizing some materials and books so others can find what I need/request.

I hate it when they send the films home with me because I spend a fair amount of time looking at them, looking up what's normal and what's pathological, and then worrying. There are some tiny bright white spots that hopefully aren't anything. One thing I can definitely tell from a particular view is why I need sinus/nose surgery. Is anyone else's brain asymmetric?

At this rate of working, I'll be ready to sit on my tail for a while. I'm not sure quite why it all seems like a good idea given my pain level, but it does.


Elizabeth McClung said...

The ceiling fans will need to be clean? Wow you do keep a clean house. You get MRI films, lucky/unlucky you - I just get one to three line summaries. ug, I feel for ya getting the MRI AND contrast. and six of them. I don't claustraphobic, I just have minor control issues (minor...ha!), and when they say, "We're all done." I'm like fine right up until they say, "Now we just need to check all the scans first." And it is like, WAIT A MINUTE! You said, "We're all done, that means my experience as a very slow sperm going up into the tube is over - get me out!

FridaWrites said...

The ceiling fans aren't dusted regularly--but they actually really do get very dusty for some reason. I don't keep a very clean house--I used to. Anything to keep me from settling and thinking right now. Also noticed the shower curtain upstairs needs washing, as do the rugs. And the grout upstairs needs cleaning. Poor husband.