Friday, March 21, 2008

Hand Strength

Cool postcard above, Tarot and Frida necklaces, and other merchandise available at No Monet. (Photo of a beautiful young woman in a kimono flipping the bird with both hands. Text: You go now! No sushi for you!)

You know it's time for spine surgery when you can't flip the bird anymore. Not that I try it regularly, but it's something I...just happened to find out.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Well, that is a very great postcard from someone wearing the "not yet married and haven't turned adult" kimono (then you have to wear short sleeves). I wish I remembered the name. And yeah, when you can't flip the bird, that a real time wake up - was for me, like, "Wow, can't flip the bird, she needs help." Again, maybe not the best into for the doctors, "I need medical intervention, last week somoene stared at me, and I tried to give them the finger and couldn't......doc, you NEED to do something to bring back my quality of life!"

FridaWrites said...

I didn't know about the differences in kimonos!

Yes, I'm not sure how the docs would respond to that observation. I can't control the ring finger either. You got it right--it was the staring issue!