Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm loopy right now but things went fine. No reaction to anestheia or steroid at all. They gave me Versed and fentanyl first because of my nervousness/fear so I don't even remember getting the general this time, or even being taken back to recovery this time. I remember talking about dissections with the anesthesiologist and then not caring about anything, and thinking, nope, not going to talk now, because I'll start saying stuff...

Spine dr. promises me I won't get a spinal headache and that things went well. Some achiness in shoulder, but neck feels better right now--may feel worse for a few days after the lido wears off, and then may feel better from the epidural.

2 med things down this week, one to go. No appointments next week--how'd that happen? Shh...don't tell anyone.

Going back to dozing...zzzz...

Update: Okay, with the lidocaine worn off, this hurts like hell. Have two important disability issues I want to blog about, but will have to happen later.

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