Monday, March 24, 2008


I looked up the neurologist's practice. Let's see, there's three headache specialists, a dystonia person, a neuromuscular person, a Parkinson's/Alzheimer's person, etc. This neurologist I'm assigned to is the MS person. Looked up neurology and anesthesia--apparently acute MS can cause problems under anesthesia plus problems with spinal fluid during surgery. So I guess that's the possibility to be excluded.

They sent me home with all the MRIs. They included the written reports of the spine, but not the brain, which leaves me probably unnecessarily worried and as usual jumping to false conclusions. Found out I have a third disc bulge at C3-4. Things fall apart, Frida's center does not hold. But ultimately, I have so many diagnoses ruled out all the time that it would relieve the strongest hypochondriac. I usually get all worried completely unnecessarily and it turns out to be nothing. This is the pattern of my life.

I mean, I really can't have every major illness, can I? Or even one or two more. That's illogical. People have really serious conditions, but not a whole list of them. I have joked about collecting diagnoses the way other people have hobbies, but really, I do have hobbies.

I feel so high strung. I really do think it's the steroid--this is really weird for me. I can't unwind or focus. It's not as bad as acute episodes of mania I've seen in others, but I don't feel like myself.

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