Saturday, March 15, 2008

Random observations for the week

1. My voting place was not accessible for the primary, so I had to vote in the open under the direct eye of one of the people monitoring the machines. I was told one booth was "HDA compliant" (!) but it was ADA compliant for visual disabilities or reading problems, not for wheelchairs/scooters. That's great they have the other booth, though. Since our voting booths are paper cardboard cutouts set up on plastic tables at an elementary school, could someone not just make one of these at a student or teacher desk? I know I wasn't the only disabled person all day. They had no plan in place for people with mobility issues.
2. My daughter got into horseback riding camp for this summer even though I accidentally missed the first deadline. Yay!
3. I'm thinking about rabbits for the kids from an animal sanctuary--they've been asking for a year, but I also keep thinking about moving and what having more pets in the house would do for resale (pets and people trekking in and out don't mix--the dog will already be a problem). Since our house is 1 1/2 stories, it's not going to work long-term. But we need to replace the carpets (ugh!, where do I go?, plus all the moving of stuff) and do a fair amount of other work. It may be a few years, so rabbits in the meantime or no? I want to make sure that they're taken care of well and get lots of attention and worry about that. What if I'm allergic? What if the dog loses his cool around the dog food bowl? We'd also have to umm, hover over them like hawks if we took them in the backyard at all since we have big hawks in our neighborhood, some of which have picked up local puppies and kitties for a snack.
4. I'm getting depressed by being in so much, even with the computer, books, some movie watching, and ordering some needed clothes and Easter basket items. But not feeling up to being out yet much and really can't do much beyond get dressed and do my work right now. Maybe it's the steroid 1:1 injection, too. Suggestions welcome.
5. My husband kept nagging at the local venue for Police tickets, and they conceded and let him have four seats together in the accessible section rather than just two.
6. I want out of the house. On the other hand, I'm also thinking about inviting a bunch of people over Easter weekend since I am going stir crazy, but the house is not in good shape and I'm not able to do a lot about it. I'm also considering getting rid of a lot of books but then I started getting panicky when I thought about the Kindle and worrying if books will be an endangered species. (However, I'll add they seem great for disability and environmental reasons and I'd like one.) Nevertheless, clearing through the clutter sometimes clears my head and makes me feel more organized/together. But some books I've had for 15 years, well, there are other books I'd still read first, and I don't see that I'll ever get around to them. There are others I'd feel guilty for parting with, and some more that I'd not get rid of even if I never read them again because I love them. I also need to organize all the books in logical ways. There are several ways to do this, neither of which is exactly right. If only I could sit/stand long enough.
7. I need to do my filing, too, and that would make me feel so much better. But I can't. Maybe if my husband brought some files downstairs and my mom came over and helped put everything in the right piles.

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