Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Severe chest pain and the seven non-dwarves

I had severe left-sided chest pain this evening, but I had that a year ago and nothing was found except occasional very fast heart rate, thus the atenolol. I can't remember if they did an EKG last year. They did a monitor and an MRI since I was allergic to CT contrast, though the insurance co wouldn't pay for the MRI contrast.

So I took an extra atenolol since I'm on a low dose and can take 2. I feel better now. I'm wondering if I should be more worried, but since I'm currently working with seven specialists--
-spine doctor
-and don't forget physical therapist--
I really don't want to add cardiologist back into the mix. I'm hoping the allergist can deal with the shingles, which have popped up again (no stress, none, really). Is it really any wonder that I let the dermatology, endocrinology, and ENT issues go? Or that I can't find the time to meet with the psychologist to deal with all of it?

I generally try to do triage with myself, only one specialist and major issue at a time.

How did I get into this boat? I want off, I'm swimming back to shore.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Oh, blogger is such a dirty liar lately, since I wrote a brillant comment to his piece which I think had something to do with how you manage to keep track of so many and how I piss all my specialist off becuase I make up names for them and ask, "are you the 'glow in the dark' guy?" and they get huffy and say, "Yes, I am a radiologist" - and have you thought about getting a respirologist, as I have heard of them, but can't find one, and don't know anyone who has.

PS - my other comment yesterday was FAR more witty and brill!

FridaWrites said...

What is up with Blogger? Sorry you lost what you wrote, Elizabeth. I kept trying to comment on yours yesterday, then gave up for a while and forgot what I was going to say. A respirologist--I don't need one of those since my respiratory illness was temporary, though just prolonged and antibiotic resistant through 5 rounds--whew, it finally went away.

Right now I try to limit appointments and procedures to 10 hours a week, including drive time, because otherwise I'd have to quit my job despite flexible hours. Not everyone can limit their scheduling this way, and I may reach the point where I can't at least for a while.

I'm not sure how I keep track except to try to deal with one or two major issues at a time and push the others to the side (which has backfired). Thus when the internist suggested sinus surgery in December, I laughed and then said: "No. I don't think so." I did, however, forget to add in chiropractor and homeopath (haven't seen her in a few years). And of course dental and eye care, and I have to have more frequent appts for those. The thing that upsets me with the chiro is that she feels betrayed when I go the spine dr., but she really can't help at a certain level and that's not her fault. I prefer not to use traditional medicine when complementary/alternative medicine helps with symptoms or causes.