Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sitting disability

By chance yesterday I ran into a website published in multiple languages on Sitting Disability. Sitting disability is marked by the inability to sit for long or at all, requiring the individual to lie down and, often, to be limited to the couch, a reclining chair, or bed. This is the condition I am in much of the time. Even a scooter only buys me so much time out. What I am excited about here is some information on ergonomic workstations so that I might actually be able to work full-time in the office someday. The work stations look odd, but there's no reason I can't have something set up like at home somewhere else. The setup isn't particularly expensive and just requires enough space. In the era of cubicle configurations and set workspaces/desks, I had not allowed myself to think outside the box enough. Currently this is what I would require to work more hours. "They'd never let me bring in a couch, and where would I put it?" I've asked myself.

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