Thursday, March 27, 2008

Suggestions for Bumper Stickers or T-Shirts

Because I am sick of the laughter, mostly from young men who don't "get it" or see disability if there's not a wheelchair, I'm considering an obnoxious bumper sticker for the back of the scooter; obnoxious but still "work safe." Nothing can work on the front, unfortunately. Suggestions, or have you seen anything fun? There are a number at CafePress, though I've also looked other places.

I've also got to get one of those T-shirts that says, "Keep staring, maybe I'll do a trick." Or the one that says, "Gee thanks, I haven't been stared at enough today." These I forsee mostly for long outings in public places; museums, parks, fairs, etc. Places where I'm not supposed to be the sideshow or exhibit.

I was sorely tempted to say earlier this week, "Careful, or your eyes will stick that way." When I am not in my scooter, I am not nearly so mean.

The people I know best and/or see regularly "get it" whether or not I ever say anything, just by observation.

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