Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have to have the surgical discectomy and fusion, sigh, since I'm having some neurological symptoms/signs that indicate compression and neural lesions or something or other. Apparently the injection made the symptoms worse rather than better because there is so little space in there (central cord compression). I get to have MRI #6, of the brain, on Saturday since doc said it would be committing malpractice not to do it. Do these MRI people ever stop working? They're virtual MRI elves. Doc said at one point when I was worrying about something or other that he likes me, which is good to know, because anytime you're a chronic patient and your body works in weird ways, you start wondering if people think you're a hypochondriac or have a bad personality in general. He said he knows I do research, so look up Hoffman's sign and hyperreflexia. And gave a list of about ten reasons I should have the surgery. Not anything to argue with there.

So I meet with das Wunderkind surgeon on Monday. I thought it took weeks to get in. Hopefully the surgery will help a lot. I have faith that it will. I'd much rather be in das Wunderkind's care than other surgeons'; I only have one spine and I'd rather it be treated well and without mistakes.

I can't stand the idea of the neck brace for 6 weeks. For goodness' sake, I hate turtlenecks. Gag. Plus I am very, very hot natured. I will sweat. I won't be able to breathe. I won't be able to read or incline myself the same ways. I will have terry cloth and steel choking me for six weeks. Noooo....


Elizabeth McClung said...

Wow, well, I am with you in hopes that this actually produces good meaningful results. I am sorry about the neck brace - time to stock up on DVD's and a portable DVD player? for some reason I always end up watching an entire season of ER right after surgery; just always seems to happen like that.

FridaWrites said...

We do have a DVD player, or my small computer will play them. I like Northern Exposure better--ER might stress me out too much. I did start a list of some movies I want to see while I was waiting for the MRI yesterday. Since I rarely have the time to watch movies, it will be good to catch up on some.