Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Last night I went to sleep at the (for me) unthinkably early hour of 10:30 p.m., only to be awakened at 7 a.m. thinking that I was in the minivan and the alarm going off was the alert we get in reverse telling me that we were about to back into something. I grew increasingly panicky as neither the alarm nor the "car" would stop. I also dreamed that our sweet dog killed and snacked on a small puppy I was trying to save from getting onto a roadway as I was walking in the mountains (trust issues?). And that there was a moose on our street, and a baby moose who had made her way into the barbed wire fence in the back. We didn't know how to let her out without maddening mama moose, who could get over the fence both directions, no problem. The only weird thing was that mama moose had antlers, and mama meese don't have antlers. So there was some discussion of meese and antlers at a picnic at which everyone sat on one side of the bench, etc., and someone brought in ancient mini-antlers and skull (weirdly resembling the puppy skull) for demonstration.

Remember back in college when you used to dream that you couldn't make it to classes all day because you kept running late? I dreamed that I kept running late all day and couldn't get the kids to school. I think when I finally start catching up on sleep I start dreaming again. Maybe hydrocodone really does cause weird dreams, too? I took a low dose last night after being back off it all day. I could hardly hold my arms up while driving yesterday, and had this grinding pain in the neck.

Monday I have allergy testing for steroids (no antihistimines in the meantime, I'm getting sniffly and itchy already), Tuesday the spinal injection, Friday the cystoscopy. Sounds like a fun week all around.

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