Thursday, April 17, 2008

Candle, Ken Doll, Kindle

My husband gave me a box of candles I had already purchased today...then he handed me a Ken doll, and I was thinking, what on earth?...then he said we're getting a Kindle (it will arrive tomorrow). That should be a huge relief on my back as more and more books become available on it! Because of the arm and neck pain, it's difficult for me to hold books/magazines for long or keep turning pages, especially since I have to lie down to read and to do most work. Holding a book up doesn't work so well. A friend with similar problems has had to stop reading except online. I haven't read the last 2 Harry Potters because of the weight, and help with book rests and lap desks only works for a short time. I have to say the Kindle makes me a little reluctant to give away any books at all, though we recently ebayed a number of outgrown children's books and are giving others away.

The Stasi at work (joking, sort of) want me to hand over my $3000 personal home computer for a while since my work email was hijacked for a couple of spam emails (as happened to many others accounts). I don't think so! But I said, "sure," and umm, forgot. Plus since the basket on my scooter falls off sometimes, it's not a good idea. I'm glad to run/continue to run any scans or make any repairs necessary or to give up remote access. I need my computer on a daily basis, and this particular computer is necessary for my disability needs.

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