Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Odd reversals

One of my friends approached me today with a bit of angst about his hair. He was wondering whether he should pull it back at work since someone implied he should. That's the first time I've had that happen, hearing a man worry about his appearance in that way, and this is from someone who is a wonderful nonconformist. It looked fine, really, and I understood his concern, but it was amusing to have the traditional situation reversed.

Another reversal: my friend commented on how I looked better this week, and I do feel better. We talked about my concern that my medical problems are all in my head/hypochondriacal, and he immediately and absolutely disagreed, and then we talked about how denial is the opposite of hypochondria.

On one hand, I have several doctors and a nurse from a range of specialities telling me I can have anything from continuing pain to lasting nerve damage to permanent bladder damage if I don't have surgery. Then I have two doctors saying I should get second opinions, one of them saying I don't need surgery. So what do I have, hypochondria or denial? I've been told to trust myself by one person, but why? My consciousness is as subjective as everyone else's.

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