Thursday, April 24, 2008


My correspondence and a number of related electronic files from the last year vanished without a trace. Yes, everything's protected as it should be and I don't open random attachments. Who knows? Not much blogging here until that gets restored, if it can be.

In other news, I have opted for surgery after talking more with the surgeon and will do that in several weeks, working around the doctor's limited schedule and husband's travel schedule. I feel fine about it. I believe will work.

I don't write much about my son's autism, even though he doesn't read my blog at all. I guess I'm in the habit of being closed about it since he doesn't like me to discuss it around him or even with him (I have to handle issues more indirectly); right now I'm not sure he'd notice. He's shut down again, and I can't tell why. We notice it and his teachers notice it, and it's been getting worse. His voice has become a small chirp we can barely hear rather than loud and shouting with his sister. I honest to God don't know why he's withdrawing like this. As far as my health and my grandparents go, he is basically unaware except for the information I give him directly and gently because he's not hearing any part of extended conversations. He doesn't notice the people around him at all--when the teenagers came in to the ice cream place with an assistance dog, he never noticed or saw them at all, even when they were the only others in the store, even though he was across from them. I don't know how he gets his school work done. His teachers don't either. One said he misses the directions and can't answer questions about lessons anymore. His grades are dropping but passing.

I didn't know people with autism could regress like this. I thought once we passed each milestone and kept seeing him progress, we wouldn't have setbacks like this. We cannot get him to answer questions or converse with us. He answers with yes or no, and if we try to engage him, ask him further questions that require a more complex response, he says, "Hi" over and over and gets giggly and won't talk.

It's his story, his life, so I'm not sure I feel right writing about it. Because he can pass his academic classes, he doesn't qualify for assistance from the school in terms of tutoring or speech or occupational therapy, though he qualifies for needed accommodations.

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