Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What keeps me awake at night

11:45 p.m., in a darkened bedroom.
Me: Did you take the snake out?
Him: Ummm...
Me: Because I don't want it loose.
Him: I don't know.
Me: Is the snake in the house?
Him: Yes. It's fine.
Me: Those things can get through small spaces. I don't want to find out that the airholes are too big.
Him: It's fine.
Me: Take the snake outside! At least put it in the garage.

Periodically my husband rescues critters while he's mowing, putting them in a container for the kids to see, and frees them later, after the yardwork is done. There have been frogs, toads, and chameleons that turn brown at the tips of their noses and the tips of their tails first, while their bodies are still green.

We weren't sure about this particular snake, whether it was poisonous or not, so we saved it to let it loose near a pond (away from others) the next day.

The three of you still left reading may find it funny that my kids bought the new Google Books scratch and sniff prank wholesale, with my son actually claiming to smell the chocolate through the computer screen. My daughter said, "smells minty," as I smacked my spearmint gum loudly behind her head. This after going through the Google Mars expedition application. Oh what fun it is to have children around. I almost convinced my son once that the world was once in black and white, just like in old movies.

While the rest of the world discovered 12 hours ago that youtube's featured videos for the day all include Rick Astley, what they didn't discover is that Rick Astley was my teenage crush (at which my daughter scoffed and said he looked silly, and I pretended I wasn't defensive). I am guessing that the remaining three readers can no longer respect me, but anyway...he's still making albums.

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