Saturday, May 10, 2008

Can We Give You an Award, Linda Van Deusen?

When I googled Hallmark store and disability, I came across the story of Linda Van Deusen, who has filed 31 lawsuits against inaccessible businesses, unbeknownst to those who know her. It brings tears to my eyes that she says: “I’m not a bad person. . . . I’m trying to help all of us.” Linda, you're not only a good person, but you're a hero. You show a lot more strength than I do.

Such actions not only help at those individual businesses, but help nationwide when there's a chain business and citywide or statewide with government entities. As people discuss the cases with others, others will recognize that they need to make their businesses more accessible as well.

A brother of our friends had to sue a small city court because the building was surrounded by stairs and he could not get in to pay his ticket, leading to increased penalities!

I'd say 1 out of 3 businesses where I live are inaccessible (no curb cut from the disabled parking??, steps to the door?), and that most have some accessibility issues. What about you?


Elizabeth McClung said...

well in 10 days I have had to talk to 1 insurance company, 2 disability organizations and 1 board or directors about 5 potential hearings at the human rights tribunal based on discrimination regarding disability - you know, when you run a home care agency then expect your clients to respond in a manner timely to the able body people staffing the phones, that's actually NOT accomadation. Good on you for highlighting the problem - I am just tired, so tired.

FridaWrites said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your advocacy. I know it is tiring. You are making a difference, you really are.