Saturday, May 31, 2008

Field Day

My son had been looking forward to Field Day at school for several weeks, but when I came home, he looked disappointed and teary. He said nothing was wrong (maybe because his grandma arrived with me), but my husband later told me that the kids had been matched to partners, and that my son's partner refused to participate in any of the activities and just walked around. My son is a follower rather than a leader (autism issues), so he had no choice but to go along with this all day. Except for with his sister, he will not argue with others at all. Where were all the teachers, what were they doing? I have volunteered in previous years but obviously could not this year.

He has been getting blamed at school for problems in which other students are instigators, but he won't speak up on his own behalf. We hear the whole story at home later. He gets a "mark" for not having supplies when someone else has just stolen his pencils and still has them in his hand. He gets in trouble for not turning over his assignment folder to a kid who demands it, even though that kid isn't the one assigned to check assignment folders. In neither case will my son speak up on his own behalf. It actually does not occur to him to do so. The teachers know he has issues, so refuse to see that other kids are doing the same thing (drawings instead of multiplication), partly because they know how to hide it. I've never known him to draw on his own, to have his own idea for a drawing. I believe one of the evaluators was in his class on the day when that occurred, so I look forward to her perspective.

I'm ready for this school year to be over. I always hope for a better start the next year, and issues have become easier since he's had better teachers this year. I don't know what it's been about this semester, though, other than that all the 2nd grade teachers are absent all of the time (two for reasons that cannot be helped).

I feel like an inadvertent Eeyore lately. The health/family issues are on my mind even as there is a lot to celebrate. A phone call from a cousin whom I'd lost touch with for four years, the looming of summer, increasing ability to get around that everyone around me is noticing (my mom said I almost bounced onto the couch yesterday). Have watched more movies with husband in the past couple of weeks now that I'm able to sit more propped up than we'd watched in the past few years, including:
Lars and the Real Woman
Feast of Love
Mr. Woodcock (disclaimer: disability/fitness issues at stake, don't laugh at me, it was way better than the other movie that was on)
Becoming Jane
Dan in Real Life
and a few reruns of Friends and Seinfeld

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