Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In the Inbox

Thanks Frida,

I'm sorry you had a bad experience! As a rule, most doctors have rude staff. I would be persistent. There are other docs, but I've found that many of them can try to subject you to unnecessary cardiac procedures.


I love it when he calls it like it is. I think I'm also going to tell my PT tomorrow that it angers me when the other PT in the office whips my medical file out of my hands and starts bossing me around (when my PT is with other people) because he doesn't like me reading it. My PT isn't that controlling, but I've decided I don't want Patriarchal PT near me.

I miss Retired Cardiologist, who didn't subject me to unnecessary procedures but did monitor me and worried badly about my low ejection fraction like a mother worries over a child. We talked about books we had both read. He would pounce on whatever book I brought into the office and would want to know more, even if I didn't know more yet. We talked about my obscure medical condition, a condition which he wrote about as one of his first independent projects in medical school. His daughter worked for him as his nurse. When I was 9 years old, he ran my cardiac stress test when I first started having problems. He saved my mother's life from an illness that could have killed her immediately, taking her on as a new patient the same day my father called. He got my father back in shape after a virus attacked his heart (he was once on a transplant list). He listened. Why, oh Retired Cardiologist, did you have to retire? Now he's going to sit around and read books all the time, which his wife hates.

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