Friday, May 23, 2008

More appointments

Flowchart-->go to new cardiologist. My internist recommended one who was one of his best students for part of his training, so I know he'll be good and will be someone who listens and pays attention.

I had my first real follow-up visit today, but felt disoriented because we went to the wrong office. This appointment was supposed to be in the Edward Scissorhands-land office, not Big City. They still let us come in, though, and said they had a few open appointments, though they seemed more busy than I'd ever seen Big City office. Everything seems fine except my recovery is slower than most people's. I think the fall and the lack of muscle relaxers account for that (I have way less flexibilty when trying to turn my head to the left because the muscles are rigid), as well as my other medical problems.

Humorous conversation
Wunderkind: Swallow. You seem to have trouble with swallowing?
Me: Yes. I can't eat hard foods like chips or breads. [I choke.]
Wunderkind: Here, let me write a prescription for a steroid...
Me: No! I have osteoporosis. I don't need to swallow. [Steroids weaken bones, and mine are very weak.]

I feel like the Bride of Frankenstein. Wunderkind took out the stitches. My head didn't fall off or anything. I teased Wunderkind by asking the PA if Wunderkind was able to do that okay, since he doesn't have so much experience in that regard (he's only cut stitches off two patients before). He cut at each end of the row and pulled out 2 rows of about a foot of thread. It didn't look like that much stitches at all. My hair adds to the monster effect--it's all frizzy today and the purple color looks terrible today rather than the cool splash of curl down the side of my face I had before, with another swash further back. The more I wear the brace, the weaker my neck feels.

For once, I can't wait to go to PT to get my shoulder and neck to unwind some. I had to sleep on the couch last night because I was yelling from pain every time I got close to lying down (even though I use these high foam back wedges).

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