Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Achievements, No Yoga

So some people gather awards at work, write new books, reorganize companies. Meh. I have new accomplishments I'd like to brag about too. I can sleep on my side now with a cervical pillow wedged under me (though I'm stuck there all night) on top of the other wedges. I can also dress myself (though I still need some help with some of the routine). I caught up with a lot of correspondence/written work yesterday instead of staring at the computer screen wishing I could type more (though I had greatly increased pain from doing that). It's often two steps forward, one step back, but that's still progress.

I still have problems lying down flat. Won't bend that way, or can't do anything but hold my breath and try not to yell when I do. The PT didn't even try to have me lie down yesterday. It was a relief he recognized that too.

I sleep so much, especially after my pain level declines after a severe high (last night). I'm exasperated with my fatigue, though it's improved a lot. I need to get more done. Just glad to see many signs of improvement and much more independence.

My apologies that my blog reads more like a diary than commentary on significant events these days. The daily changes have been a lot to process, mentally and physically, though I'm glad to be feeling more like myself each day. I have a lot of mental responses to issues such as the kindergarten autism incident, but not enough mental energy to compose something as thoughtful as I should.

I did get an email from a friend yesterday asking if I'd tried yoga, acupuncture, etc, and I just looked at the email with horror. She jokingly referred to it as voodoo, though, so I think she meant as a just in case measure rather than "instead of" Western medicine. Yes, I use multiple modalities. But no yoga!


Wheelchair Dancer said...

Giggle. I'd heard that you could bend your legs around your head. (And if you could, that would certainly uncompress anything and everything even if you had to rip and split on the way to that position).

Flexibly yours


FridaWrites said...

You know, I was always jealous of my Barbie dolls...I think that would decompress me... ;)


D Phoenix said...

I think that sort of stuff is award-worthy. I know many people (myself included)who share this kind of small-step new achievement milestones. I'll celebrate with you!

FridaWrites said...

Chicken soup and Coca Cola? I'd like to guest post a quiz sometime for you, but will have to be a bit more think-y first.