Saturday, May 17, 2008

"What Did You Do To Your Sister?!"

Today my sister colored my hair with one peacock blue streak and one bright purple/blue streak. My mom's reaction when she saw: a dropped mouth, and a pointed "What did you do to her!?" to my sister. My mother's rather conservative in manner. My sister confessed she's been wanting to color hers (her own, not my mom's) in bright streaks, too, which could be amusing among her very, very conservative friends. As differently as we think sometimes, she and I are still on the same wavelength!

When I feel this out of the ordinary, might as well do something fun. Haven't even been able to watch television until today because I couldn't sit up high enough or long enough, can't read either, can't type a lot. That fall didn't do me any good, so we take our entertainment where we can get it.


Gaina said...

Oh, please say you have photographs of your new hair! :D

FridaWrites said...

I'll get my husband to take one soon!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Sweet! Totally cool, haha! Yes, you have the right sister!