Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Game night and better insurance news

I returned home last night feeling more carefree than I should--it felt good being out. Besides my dear friend, my husband and I were the only "youngsters" among mostly single retirees who are lots of fun, and he the only man. Rules learned:
-Brits are way better at charades than Americans.
-vegetarians always have excellent potlucks.
-D's grandmother, in her 90s, is better at impersonating a tornado than I could be.
-D doesn't like to follow the rules in the box, but to invent her own, such as pulling out all the humdingers and star performer cards out of the Cranium game. Favorite lines from last night:
*if that's 'Stairway to Heaven,' why do I feel like I'm in hell?"
*In response to D's singing: "Killing Me Softly!?"

My husband just got off the phone with the doctor's office (neck brace still in the way of the phone, and can't put it on speaker while friends' kids are over). Our maximum will be about $5000 and they won't stick us with the entire bill--they'll do that for major surgeries, but not for office visits, which is fair. That can be worked into this year's medical budget still. They'll also work with Pain in the Ass insurance company and file the appeals. If insurance will pay for the surgery center, we'll get $2700 back to put toward the surgeon since insurance should be paying at 100% at this point, except what they refuse to cover, which is, if you've seen my medical budget, a whole lot. So I guess I freaked out too soon, but we've always had to pay the remainder before, with one exception.

I don't know how office assistants deal with insurance companies; they leave me in tears. I don't think I could do that as part of my job.

Pain in the Ass Insurance turned down my heart monitor and then claimed not to have denied it to us, so that we couldn't appeal and had to start over. They directed us to all kinds of third-party agengies who handle approvals and medical equipment, where no one had any records either. I'm not quite sure how the nurse negotiated for one, but this really wasn't a good use of her time.

Summer goes by too quickly. I'm trying to go swimming several times a week after work hours at the in-laws (good for me and the kids), trying to get out as much as possible (without spending much if any money).

Another friend called tonight and will come bearing food at 5:00. Although I can do more now, I'm still not able to do "enough" and my husband has a lot of responsibilities. It's still greatly appreciated and allows us to catch up on other tasks.


Wheelchair Dancer said...

grrr. I am sure the only reason they can do it is that it is not personal to them

Good luck. Hang in


Elizabeth McClung said...

Well, this is better, like not having immediate uclers better - I am glad that the nurse negotiated on your behalf.

Yowzers - not charades, the only thing worse than that is pictionary becase there is always one couple who get it in like 6 seconds and the thing you have to draw is "A brief history of time" and they have a single line on thier page and guessed it in four seconds. Who are these people? Do they come from a pod?

FridaWrites said...

I'm one of those pictionary people--can't draw, but can guess. Got "Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis" out of thin air. Psychic charades.