Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Medical Mystery, Continued

Last night we watched an episode and a half of Medical Mystery: Mystery Diagnosis (on the Discovery Channel). I don't think I could watch it on a regular basis because I felt rather ill from the stress and compressed drama (decompressed drama, that's what I need), not from the actual medical conditions. I was a little appalled at how long it took some people to seek the emergency room. When one of your legs has doubled in size after spine surgery, that's a good time to go, not when you develop even more symptoms. I was also appalled that someone's GP didn't send him to a neurologist rather than a PT first, or at least seek additional information. My husband would kind of startle when I would start shouting out bloodwork that needed to be done. I mean, they should have suspected an infection right away with the guy who had spine surgery who developed a high fever, massive headaches, and leg doubling. Turned out it was something else, but the surgeon blew him off for a long time. Uh, that's not a normal sequence of events.

It also fed the inner hypochondriac, which my doctors don't need right now. Are my legs swelling? Is it a blood clot causing my problems? What about that rash I had a few months ago? Maybe I should have mentioned my nausea to my doctors?

My blood pressure got down to 88/47 last night. I woke up tingling/feeling like all my limbs had gone to sleep again, dizzy almost to the point of passing out, but didn't. Called the cardio back today and they said I don't need to go to ER unless I pass out since these are just the prodromal symptoms. Yes, but how low can my BP go without going to the ER? The nurse did say they'd let me know before the one-month follow-up if anything significant shows up on the labwork, which is good.

Ill again with stomach, really not feeling well. I don't know if other people have seen this website, but wrongdiagnosis.com is cool for plugging in various symptoms and coming up with some possibilities. It can also give you other possible diagnoses for an illness you do have if you type that in.

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