Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where the Streets Have No Name

"I want to run,
I want to hide,
I want to tear down the walls
That hold me inside...
Where the streets have no name"

Only I would get wanderlust when gasoline is $4 and head hubby out down roads that are only numbered, with not even a map in the car.

The kids fed ducks and caught fireflies tonight. Everything closes too early. I always get my second wind at night, after a lot of pain in the afternoon/early evening.


Gaina said...

Here's something to cheer you up - we are paying the equivalent if $12 a gallon in the UK.

I'm so glad I'm exempt from road tax :D

FridaWrites said...

Gaaah!!! At least you guys have decent public transportation, but I'm sure that adds up, too. It is amazing how people are so anti-environmental until it hits their pocketbooks. We try to be careful and conserve as we can, but the scooter-equipped van is a gashog compared to the old Saturn or even the CR-V.

Gaina said...

Whoever told you we have decent public transport is a dirty, rotten liar!! It's frequently late, sometimes dirty and costs too much - and that's just for the able-bodied passengers.

I had to wait 45 minutes the other day and FOUR busses later until my friend and I got one that was a) wheelchair accessible b) didn't have the wheelchair space taken up by baby walkers and c) going where we wanted to be. If we had good public transport I wouldn't have a car at all, for environmental reasons.

FridaWrites said...

Ooh, I didn't realize...I think it would be difficult for me to travel without a car. What I do remember in Britain (long ago) is that finding parking is really difficult and that some underground stations are completely inaccessible or accessible only by an often broken down or too fast escalator.

Gaina said...

The parking is better to be honest, I must concede that. I just wish the consequences for able bodied drivers abusing the bays were a bit more hefty and applied more often. ASDA/Walmart are doing a good job of cracking down on bay abuse and fining the culprits but other supermarkets don't want to offend their customers - I guess their £ is more important than mine, eh? :P