Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dog Has Come Unglued...

...poor guy. I'm not sure what to do for him, but he's been quaking in fear about going outside and will only do so a few times a day despite shaking from holding his pee. He'll reach the back door, we'll open it, and he'll flee back to the back of the house again. I don't know if someone yelled at him or if it's because sections of the fence have come down twice during storms or because of someone setting off firecrackers on our porch. He's scared of birds and the neighbor's wind chimes and any neighborhood construction will set him off his feed, but there's nothing unusual right now. But he is *terrified* despite being a huge dog that one might normally expect to be protective of us. But Anxiety Dog hides in the closet most of the day every day. I promise everyone's been nice around here, though when the kids got angry with each other once, he started shaking again. Doggy Prozac? No Underdog around here (my son always cracks up when I misquote the movie cartoon, "Never fear, Underwear is here!").

My husband mentioned the possibility of a second dog since Mr. Shaky needs a friend (he likes other animals) and we need more doggy companionship than we've been getting, so three seconds later I was on the computer looking at the dogs available through rescue organizations and local shelters. Mr. Shaky was a lot braver when we had another dog in the house. The last dog was scared of the dark. I found one border collie I like a lot. Not sure. More animals=more difficult to sell the house, which is inevitable, I think, despite the market. We'll hope for the best. No puppies, too much work. An older dog with a good personality who's settled down would be great.

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