Monday, July 14, 2008

Hi, My Name Is Frida...

...and I pass out from pain.

The subspecialist (or uberspecialist?) concurs with the cardiologist. I pass out from uncontrolled, high pain. My heart rate soars and then my blood pressure drops even if I don't pass out. Nothing's wrong with my heart, thank goodness, no defect or anything that requires further adventures in extreme medical procedures. It just beats way too fast from pain. Very relieved to know nothing else is going on. It's all the same old spine and bone issues.

I'm going back on the atenolol since my heartrate was lower on it and I feel more myself on it. To get my blood pressure up, I have to eat more salt and drink much more water. Gatorade in heat or high altitude. I've been craving salt, and hubby will have to stop taking the salt shaker out of my hand in a panic about how much I've been consuming (straight from the shaker).

Controlling the pain is probably not a bad idea, though that's difficult to do without pain meds (liver enzymes high). Heat, ice, rest, pacing myself, scooter.

In the meantime (and I'm not lecturing any readers here, don't worry), I don't want to hear anything from anyone about how much more I need to be doing and how I just need to have a better attitude (or do yoga or try more). Apparently I'm able to handle an extreme of pain physically/mentally while there are undeniable physiological effects. My response to people, I think, will be an innocent, "oh, do you ever pass out from the pain, too?" when people start doling out the advice. And since chiropractic apparently did work for me a great deal--my sister confirms that my spine was a big scary S-shape on the x-rays--I'll start whispering, "Chiropractic...chiropractic..." at advice givers.

Seriously, I don't usually give people medical advice, though I will let them know if I've had a similar problem so they can ask questions if they like. And often they do. That's how I've found out about remedies and techniques that will work for me, by asking questions of people who have been there and listening to what they have to say. By asking questions of them and getting them to share their stories, I've learned a great deal. With these friends, no one tells me how I "should" do things, but I've often given alternatives a try and been interested to know what works, what practitioners are good and who are not, etc. I appreciate far more questions from people, such as "have you tried chiropractic?" to which I can answer "yes," to people who start on a rant about certain chiropractic techniques to the already converted.


D Phoenix said...

It's good to hear that your heart is okay, but, man, the passing out and fast heart rate must feel so awful. I had an elevated heart rate for a few weeks -- I tried to get more energy by taking thyroid hormone and it played havoc with my heart rate -- and I felt so weak and kind of panicky because of feeling like I didn't have enough oxygen. I stopped the pills. If you get your blood pressure up a bit more do you think it might help your heart rate?

I hear you about the advice. You're full up, yeah? I we had a dollar for every time...

FridaWrites said...

Hey, Donimo, hope you're feeling better, and glad you're back from your trip.

Like you, I end up feeling weak and panicky and oxygenless. It's like you're on a treadmill while lying down, or your adrenaline is going full force after a bad dream--I can't ramp down from that. The bp/heartrate aren't always inverse, so I'm not quite sure. Often the heartrate skyrockets, then the bp drops out.

Yeah, full up on advice. :) Except of course from disability bloggers--tips from the PWD community are always judgment free and they've been there.