Friday, July 18, 2008

In that prodromal sort of way

Last night we were in Wally World and spent half the amount on school supplies than the cost of the prepackaged supplies offered by the school. Since the extra money benefits the supply company and is no longer a fundraiser, I wasn't about to pay more money, even though Wally World is the evil empire. But, who, I ask you, who can pass up 50 cent composition notebooks, 22 glue, 88 cent markers. Those of us higher cost of living and medical bills, that's who. I have such self resentment about chain stores. What I'd forgotten about the store is how high Wally World piles everything compared to other stores. I wouldn't have been able to reach much of anything by myself in the scooter, though I can reach much of what I need at other stores. Plus there were towering sets of unpacked and unstable looking boxes in the middle of some aisles that weren't well stacked. A little scary.

Near the end of the trip both legs went numb in that prodromal sort of way. I thought, "as a matter of fact, I am in pain," and said, "Hubby?" and tipped him off so he knew to watch. We got through the checkout okay, but who knew he could throw items on the checkout station so fast? I hate it when people park their grocery carts an inch from my back. I am a person, not a cart, for God's sake. Or when people walk that close behind me since I have to slow down and nearly stop for bumps and that could injure everyone. Couldn't unwind and go to sleep until 2:00 because of pain. Woke up this morning peeing blood and sick. Go to internist? No. I didn't want to listen to the "think positive, you're doing this to yourself" lecture (which, yes, he's done at times like this). Only when I'm out of antibiotics will I go in. Unfortunately, I only have 2 Levaquin rather than the 3 probably needed. I have 1 Avelox and a bunch of 2-year old Macrodantin on hand that I should probably get a new script for (how long does this stuff last?). I'm not trying to do my part to develop antibiotic resistance. I don't think he realizes how much I typically avoid coming in, not just now, but especially now that he's apparently going so Louise Hay loopy.

Guilt's what I feel when I get sick or have to go to the doctor again. Shame is what I feel about having to use the scooter around those who don't approve.


yanub said...

Volemart is evil and determined to make life as difficult as possible for anyone with any sort of disability. This is why they have flickering fluorescent and boxes piled in the aisles. Once they get down the technology to only have prices available audibly, they'll be set.

Anyone who disapproves of you using a scooter is not worth considering. Unless you are considering running them down in the thing. And then, the answer is "yes, you should."

FridaWrites said...

Yes, they're very, very evil. We're trying to buy a lot of local produce/food to help and don't purchase most larger items there.

Oof, I very accidentally backed over my son's shoe with mine tonight! I saw he was standing to the side of me, only his foot was extended. He's fine, thank goodness, though he starte crying when his sister told him his foot might turn purple. The cheap scooter can't manage some 1 inch bumps but can manage backing over someone's clonky shoe? How fair is that? :)