Thursday, July 3, 2008


Wow, resting pulse has been up to 158 on new medicine, BP 90/60. Pulse was 86 before new medicine. Called doctor. They said to take more new medicine. Because I would want my pulse to be even higher and my blood pressure to be even lower? Yes, great idea.

They said go to ER if it gets worse. How 'bout back on the old medicine, which I'm out of? Cheaper and more effective. Good grief. I want out of the house, not trying to keep my heart rate low!

My friend says that her doctor told her the only thing he can do for her pain is to take her out back and shoot her. When Dr. Needles made a couple of similar jokes with me several years ago, that was the last straw, though I never said anything about it. I just didn't go back and chose to deal with the pain on my own for a few more years. I remember saying during surgery prep, when they were sticking needles into me to check function, "I'd never let Dr. Needles stick needles into me!" Physical pain I'll deal with; abuse, no.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Holy crap, that is quite the change, kind of hard to see the difference between your medicine and meth or cocaine (is your new medicine all white powder and you have to snort it?). Yes, I hope you get to go on your old medicine. But I am so tired of the Doctor game; finding a good doctor is like finding a good mechanic, there seems to be about 1 in each city - only often you have no choice and this is your body and life they mess with, fuck up and then leave you to deal with the consequences.


FridaWrites said...

Even most good doctors flake out at some point. I am really tired, tired, tired of seeing doctors, period, which is what my primary care physican doesn't get. And tired of the health problems. I like my heart to beat normally.