Thursday, July 3, 2008

Still Proving Doctors Wrong

An epiphany just occurred to me while I was reading Elizabeth's blog on risk taking. Dr. Internist said if I began to use the scooter that I wouldn't walk, apparently based on his experience with patients who use wheels. Wrong! I do still walk. I use the scooter for distance and for long periods out, when pain would be absolutely unrelievable and/or leave me unable to function in the few days following. And with pain being less, I need to start taking small trips out walking more. If he believes in the mind-body connection, that's not good to say to people, though perhaps he was trying to use reverse psychology. He also wanted me to just ignore my knee pain. When I happened to mention that the cartilage is audibly grating with each turn of the wheel on my exercise bike and asked how I could position myself so that doesn't happen, the PT said there's damage and gave me exact instructions to prevent further damage during daily activities. That's worked. No more creaking. No big medical interventions needed, pretty easy solutions. Ignoring it didn't work. Asking for help did.

One of my retired friends is in terrible pain a few weeks post-surgery, a second fusion following a first failed back surgery. The doctor pretty much said to expect three months of hell and is dismissive of her concerns to the point that she says she feels abandoned. Okay, mind-body connection? I really tried to get her to go to Wunderkind and Empath in advance of the surgery, but it didn't work. I wish I could help her more than by just listening. That's the most frustrating part of pain and health issues, not being able to help others as much as I'd like.

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