Sunday, August 10, 2008

How People Arrive Here

A lot of people arrive at FridaWrites as regular readers or through links to other disability blogs or apparently use feeds. Don't worry, I keep people's information private. But I am interested in the search terms people who aren't regular readers have used.

I started wondering about my content when I noticed people arrive here looking for serious medical information. The information I provide on MRI attacks, while written in a humorous tone, definitely wouldn't lessen anyone's anxiety and might significantly increase it. Nor would what I write about scoliosis and bodycasts or catheters make people worry any less. Here are some of the terms:
panic attack in MRI
discovery channel medical mysteries headaches
bodycast scoliosis brace
one day I will wake up and realize I've made up everything -???
catheter torture (I hope this is an anxiety issue)
medical mystery
bad headaches when it rains
While the actual articles may be funny to regular readers (or me anyway), it's not going to be the kind of content people are looking for.

Others, though--wow, it's not that kind of blog. Sample google terms:
paramedics naked (we all know what post that linked to, exoricst head spin)
perfect P.E. teacher shoe (no comment)

A few are searching for more info on some music videos, such as the red V on Chris Martin's shirt in "Viva la Vida." Several are links to images of Frida Kahlo, including the profile and the PostSecret images.

And then there's the guy who keeps clicking back directly to the comments section on patient modesty wondering if I've responded to his rant yet. Yes, I have. That's why I'm using sitemeter.


yanub said...

I have thought about checking to see how people get to my blog, but I haven't figured out what tools are necessary. Guess that shows that I really have little interest in doing it, though I find other people's reports on their traffic very funny.

Mr. Modesty...well. The fact that your description of medical modesty issues was entirely applicable to both genders and didn't focus only on sexual modesty seemed to have entirely passed him by.

FridaWrites said...

Hi, yanub--it's more simple than I thought--if you want to email me (fridawrites, gmail), I'd be glad to explain. I tried to set it up before but had trouble with it for some reason.

As a lazy computer person who doesn't update my links as I should (I like your tool that shows when blogs update), I often click into your blogs and others from user profiles.

FridaWrites said...

And he's commented there again. I sense him perched, waiting for a reply.